Project Test Management

Project test management can look very different from one project to the next. I have an adaptable style that assesses each project individually and applies the appropriate levels of test planning and test management. I have a successful track record in the management of various sized projects, from small scale to large enterprise integration projects. I have lead teams of various sizes with a mix of testers and business end users and can provide my expertise in test management to your next software development project.

Agile Coaching for Test Teams

Agile software development has become a popular software development methodology that many development teams are embracing. However, test teams often struggle with the adaptation of agile. I have worked on a variety of agile development teams as both a tester and a test lead. By leveraging my experience from my own teams I can assist your testers and test teams adapt their more traditional testing processes to fit the agile development process adopted by their software development team.

Systems Integration Testing

Systems Integration Testing can often be an intimidating part of software testing. Often times testers familiar with application testing overlook the complexity that system integration testing can present. Sometimes teams completely overlook the effect changing one application can have on other interconnected systems. I can assist with your system integration testing project to help your team determine the scope, resources, define the approach, and provide guidance on execution for your next system integration test effort.

Training and Development

Training and development of your test team is an invaluable investment. By providing learning opportunities for your testers, not only will you gain more skilled testers, you will also show your team that you are interested in their long term growth with your company. There are many training and development opportunities available for testers and test teams. I can assist in helping create the best training and development program for your test teams while keeping the costs of such training within your budget. There are many low or no cost training options available and we can work together to determine where you will get the biggest effect for your dollar. I am also able to provide customized in house training on a variety of software testing topics.

Test Project Rescues

Unfortunately, even the best planned testing efforts can slide sideways. I can assist by working with your team to determine the issues with the testing effort. Together we can develop a plan to get the testing back on the right path. By putting effect measures and monitoring in place we can monitor to help prevent future testing derailments.

Software Tester

Do you require a tester for a short term or long term project? I can help! I don't mind rolling up my sleeves and jumping in. I enjoy getting back into the hands on testing role and exercising my testing skills as a software tester. I am a experienced exploratory tester and can use my exploratory testing skills to manipulate your application in ways unimagined.


"Nancy is a positive, passionate force in Quality Assurance and Testing..."
Mike Heinrich, QA Analyst

"Nancy's personal approach, methodology, and attention to detail has given us all the confidence that our software can be put into production with very high quality."
David Jones, Director
"To put it simply, I would choose to have Nancy as a member of every project team that I lead..."
Mike Hammond, Project Manager
"Nancy has a knack to understand complicated systems, this allows her strong Quality Assurance skills to shine as she can quickly comprehend the situation to its fullest..."
Cory Syvenky, Systems Analyst

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